2021 KX250f Mods For Trail Riding

“I got passed on the motocross track by a guy with a headlight and turn signals”

This is an actual direct quote from me about 25 or so years ago at 15 years old in the depths of my intense motocross racing career that never went anywhere.  Some dude on a trail bike passed me on the track and the last thing I saw was his license plate.  At the time I was with all the other “racers” at the track thinking since he was on a trail bike he must have been a Spode, but now, with older eyes I understand that that guy was an absolute legend, and would like to find him and shake his hand as I have now grabbed the torch and became that man.

Proof that a motocross bike can do slickrock. This is the top of Pritchett Canyon in Moab


First I was so tired of everyone running out of gas on trails, it always seemed right as we got warmed up we were already planning our route back.  Totally in the zone come blasting through the trail only to see everyone sitting around talking about how the race bikes are almost out of gas, yz cr rm doesn’t matter, notice I didn’t mention kx because for some reason it has been proven by me that any 2017-2021 kx250f actually gets insane fuel mileage as long as you keep it topped off with hopes and dreams, inside joke but seriously  I was never the one running out of gas.

A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link though, so in the spirit of “taking one for the team” I decided to upgrade my hopes and dreams setup to have a 2.7 gallon tank, then sell gas by the tenth of a gallon to my friends on the trail because the nearest gas station is quite a walk from here, you don’t have a gas can, I take Venmo, and I’m packing a siphon pump(with digital gauge readable to the .01).

I was making a sacrifice for everyone, I was taking my sick Moab 2023 edition kx250f and putting a trail tank on it?  If you haven’t heard of the Moab edition KX it’s because I have the only one, it’s basically murdered out all black plastic with a slayer sticker on the front fender, lbz number plates, and metal Mulisha shrouds.  Am I doing a disservice to the Mulisha?  I asked myself as I paid Rocky Mountain atv $269 for an oversized trail tank, but I knew I was taking one for the team, and starting a gasoline business.

Acerbis large fuel tanks are high quality


And then there I was, after dark riding with my friend on bandit trails.  Had plenty of gas but now here I was about to get on a real road, with cars, in complete darkness, with nothing but a small red light flashing on my GoPro….and then even that ran out of battery.  So there I was in total darkness(with a flat tire as well) ripping down China hat rd 5th gear mid to 3/4 throttle following my friend on another bike with no lights.  Guessing where the road turns while trying to stay on the right side of the road to avoid oncoming traffic around the blind corners I said to myself, outloud, “what the fuck am I doing?” and I’ve been trying so hard not to cuss writing this but it’s a direct quote and I wanted to really iterate just how important this moment was in my life to make me return from that trip, go online and pay another $289 to Rocky Mountain atv for some lights brighter than the searchlight on a Sikorsky SAR hellicopter.  I have yet to actually ride in the pure darkness with these lights, but I have illuminated the entire baseball field for the local high school to finish their playoff game when the power went out…from a quarter mile away.  These lights are brighter than the sun, 5000 lumens is just a number, but to be able to light up the entire horizon and have the town 15 miles away think there is a grand opening celebration for a new IKEA in the middle of millican valley is absolutely priceless.  Now at the motocross track I make sure my lights are on and my tank is full, because I don’t want to wheelie over backwards and I want people to feel the 5000 lumens sun burning their back through the thin jogger shorts fitness jerseys these “bad ass”motocross only boys are wearing nowadays.

So then my dad buys me a kickstand for my birthday.  I’m like sweet, yeah thanks dad, I mean I haven’t had a girlfriend for like a year but I’m still straight as an arrow, I can, I guess I mean it could go on there, how easy is it to take off?  Won’t it hit the tire?  Won’t people beat me up at the motocross track?  Do you know this mounts under my foot peg?  What if my foot peg comes off?

This Fastway accessory kickstand on a KX250F works better than stock KTM kickstands


So the motocross club stopped inviting me to their practices, not because of my kickstand though, but because I’ve been just ripping all over the state logging hours of trails roads and scenery instead of looping around a quarter mile track.  When the motocross riders do make fun of me, I simply roll up on them, put down my kick stand, get off my bike, grab their helmet, shake it around, hit their kill switch, make them want to get off their bike but have no kickstand, then laugh at them because utility always beats fashion in the end, so have fun leaning your $14,000 race bike on a porta potty while you fill it up with gas because your tank is too small and you forgot to grab your “triangle stand”.  So no matter what it is you do to your bike, do what you want to do, don’t think it’s “uncool” to throw on a kickstand or bigger tank, again utility>fashion.

Even with and extra 24 lbs. of gas, the KX250 still works great on MX track


Lastly if your bike isn’t able to be street legal, you might as well make it look street legal.  Next thing you know you’ll be bombing across your state peak to peak to motocross track finding forest service roads and tagging multiple OHV areas in a day, just remember this, you only get caught once, and the only way to get caught is to get caught, so don’t get caught, you’ve trained your entire life for this moment, don’t let anyone down, we’re all counting on you

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Born in the early 80’s, I have been riding since motorcycles had kickstarters on them. I put in a fairly solid young motocrosser “career” of taking racing seriously from about the ages of 11-21. After realizing making a living in motocross would be near impossible I hung up the helmet and tried my hand at music. Somehow that actually worked and led to 15 years of being able to play music almost every day.

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