Redefining Adventure

Raging to Ride is a place to find out all about Dual Sport and Adventure motorcycles, with a sprinkling of dirt and trail motorcycles thrown in along the way. As life long dirt and motocross riders that have recently gotten into Dual Sport and Adventure motorcycle riding, we feel that it is the future of motorcycle riding for two big reasons.

First, modern dual sport and adventure motorcycles are becoming incredible and really unlocking both the dirt and road side of the sport. Second, as government and environmental regulations become more stringent, dirt bike riding is getting squeezed down to increasingly closed off public lands. Here in Oregon, where we live, the legislature has said there will be no more lands dedicated to OHV (Off Highway Vehicles), and, in fact, the current lands need to be shared with ATV’s and SXS quads. We love all forms of off road vehicles, but running 1,500lb quads at 70mph on single track trails quickly degrades the trails and is incredibly dangerous to the motorcycle riders. Dual sports motorcycles allow riders unlock the thousands of miles of approved Motor Vehicle Use Roads (MVUM), some of which haven’t been driven on for decades

Our goal is to build a huge community of Dual Sport and Adventure riders from around the world so we can all tell stories, learn from each other, and have fun in our sport. Raging to Ride will eventually be a place to find curated and rated trails, back roads and routes for dirt bikes as well as dual sport and adventure motorcycles.

The Raging to Ride Crew

Jeff Tunnell, “Corporate”

I am 66 years old as we start this site, and I have been riding and racing motorcycles all of my life. I have spent all of my career in the tech industry making computer games. While I still do that, recently, I have expanded into community making tools and I want Raging to Ride to be one of the communities using this technology. Oh, I owned a Yamaha motorcycle once from 2003-2007. Long story short, don’t do that to you favorite hobby.

As we ride we will rate the difficulty of the trails according to our different abilities which. I’m pretty good for an old guy, but can’t hold a candle to the hard enduro riders of Today. I usually ride with my son, Aaron, who was an Intermediate Motocross racer in his heyday, and is still a better than good rider.  We will combine our feelings about the trails with other good riders that I ride with to create my reviews.

This method of rating and curating trails is not scalable, but I have ideas to eventually expand the number of people that can help with this project. However, I do not want to scale too fast. The last thing I want is to create another hollow trail aggregation site like Trailforks, All Trails, etc. that have tons of trails, but you can’t trust any of the ratings.

I have a bunch of motorcycles in my quiver, but my main rides are:

  • 2023 Husqvarna TE300 trail bike. OMG! How good can a bike be?
  • 2021 Yamaha YZ250F motocross bike. Awesome MX bike for old guys.
  • 2009 Yamaha WR250R dual sport. WR250’s suck. This one does too.
  • 2007 Kawasaki KLR 650 street oriented dual sport. It is a pig, but it’s my pig.
  • 2022 Husqvarna 501. Recently acquired, totally titst out with a bunch of Taco Moto stuff.
  • 2021 KTM 890 Adventure R. Not yet, but it will be mine, Oh yes, it will.

Aaron Tunnell, “The Athiarchist”

At one point we had The Metal Mulisha Rockstar demo team jumping over our homemade mobile stage at music festival events headlined by Slipknot and Rob Zombie while our episode of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory (season 4 episode 3 “the Bleeding Frogs”) repeatedly played on MTV giving us insane amounts of ASCAP “mailbox money” we spent on expendable things like drugs and digital music equipment, the alcohol was free because we were sponsored by Jagermeister, and every day was a party and another 500-800 miles.

In the midst of this I started a legal marijuana company called Itchy Ribs. The plan was to get it big enough to have a marketing budget to pay our band to tour around for free and just have a good time and party. The first few years were great but then it turned into this horrific monotonous daily task that was getting me nowhere. So a few years ago all stressed out looking for some novelty in life I dusted off the old 125 and took it to the track. I raced the next weekend and won the beginner class. I was having a great time and it felt so good, until I broke 8 ribs cracked my sternum and separated my shoulder from my collar bone. That did not stop me though, I was back riding in a few months.

Some people get really into analyzing different bikes and equipment, I am not that person. We are trying to make this site as accessible to everyone as possible and I represent a certain type of rider. This would be the rider that doesn’t really care about micro details like comparing suspensions, tire tread patterns, or ECU power curves.

I am utility over everything else, if I say I like something, then it probably works for the slightly overweight definitely out of shape over 40 ex motocrosser that just wants to have a great time return home and do it all over again the next day. The word style can mean quite a bit, and I’m not about “fashion”, but I am one of the few, one of the proud, that still wears baggy LBZ gear from the mid 90s because I refuse to ride in yoga pants.

Aaron’s quiver

2017 kx250f “hopes and dreams” – because it runs on hopes and dreams, not gasoline

2021 kx250f “Moab edition HAD2” – hopes and dreams 2 not only gets the insane fuel mileage that came with 1 but it has almost twice the fuel capacity, it is rumored it once ran the Oregon Backcountry Dorks on Oversized Bikes Route in record time without re-fueling once

2022 kx450f – no name for this one yet as it is only a week old, but it is my motocross bike as HAD2 made me feel all guilty sending jumps with an oversize tank and kickstand, this is an AMA approved race ready bike, with zero guilt the kickstand is going to hit my back tire and cause a crash before the bike lands on me spilling all 2.7 gallons of clear pump gas ignited by a loose wire on my 5000 lumen headlights….safety first

2021 kx250f “Moab edition HAD2” – hopes and dreams 2 not only gets the insane fuel mileage that came with 1 but it has almost twice the fuel capacity, it is rumored it once ran the Oregon Backcountry Dorks on Oversized Bikes Route in record time without re-fueling once

2015 KTM 500exc Probably the best bike ever made.