Oregon’s Tillamook State Forest Diamond Mill OHV Park Brings the Gnar

Our best hare scrambles racing buddy told us before we went to Tillamook State Forest Diamond Mill OHV that the “gnar” lived out there. We still choose to go there as our introduction to Tillamook because it had more single track for motorcycles than the other locations. We started off on some of the easier trails, but then the Blue trails turned a pretty dark shade of Black with really steep downhills full of four foot deep ruts filled with “baby head” size rocks.

This hill is STEEP! The Husky is on the other side of a 4′ even steeper drop off


Tillamook State Forest is a huge place with over 200 miles of ride-able dirt trails, so we still have a lot of riding to do to really discover what the area is like. Being close to the Oregon Coast, many of the trails are open all year long.

Brown’s Camp is the most ridden area in the Tillamook State Forest, and being the closest riding area to Portland is a little “blown out.” We still need to go check it personally, but we have friends that confirm that.


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