The Five Best Places to Ride Dirt Bikes in Oregon

Oregon has some great riding. Since I have converted from motocross racing to trail, dual sport and adventure riding, I have personally been to the biggest of Oregon’s OHV parks. The OHV parks each have their own personality and strengths, but I still have my personal favorites. Here they are in my order, but I will also describe what is good and unique about the different areas. This will be a living doc, and I will continue to add to it.

East Fort Rock (EFR): Also referred to as China Hat or Millican, EFR is not only the biggest OHV park with nearly 350 miles of riding trails. Open all year, EFR is best ridden in the shoulder seasons after the snow in the Spring and after rains start in the Fall. Expect fast, whooped single track trails. We all think of EFR as one big motocross track. It is not a Hard Enduro riding area, although it does have some decent black trails, mostly due to sharp volcanic rocks. There are few SxS or even <50″ ATV trails at EFR.

Winom-Frazier: With nearly (x) number of off road OHV trails, WF is an amazingly scenic and more adventurous riding area than any of the other OHV parks in Oregon. Most of the trails are double track and accessible to <50″ ATV’s, but they are still difficult enough to be challenging. Expect a lot of elevation changes, with many rocky sections. Overall, IMO, the trails are quite a bit more difficult than what the official ratings on the trails maps indicate, i.e. a blue trail is more like a black trail.

Three Trails:


A tiny respite from a challenging downhill


Four Corners:


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